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Brooke listens with empathy, asks the right questions, and truly cares about her patients' wellness. She is kind and compassionate. . . and wicked smart. I feel grateful for her guidance and her holistic approach toward healing.

AC, Vermont


Brooke has seen me through a decade of various ailments, from an ankle cyst to chronic hip and back pain from scoliosis. She has helped me tremendously. I’ve also consulted with her for Chinese astrological readings and always deeply appreciate her wisdom and insight. Beyond the physical, she has supported me emotionally, mentally and spiritually. She’s a real gift and I am beyond grateful to be able to connect with her from far away. PT, Maryland


Brooke is a health detective. The thoroughness of her intake was like a great investigation. She assesses all the data and makes great deductions. Her analysis of my needs was perfect. Her insights go beyond the physical and energetic to incorporate the emotional - she treats the whole person with great care and respect. Her bedside manner was one I wish every health practitioner had. I cannot recommend her highly enough!    

JT, Vermont


As a health professional, I find Brooke to be present, always asking great questions and she knows her art. Great experience.    

BS, Vermont


As always, and now even virtually, Brooke is present to listen, inquire and offer resources in a caring and non-judging way. An incredibly skilled healer who weaves the wisdom of her training and experience to meet modern day needs.

CS, Vermont


Brooke is a remarkable person, and a deeply gifted healer. Her technical knowledge and skill is extensive, her understanding of her craft is vast, and her ability to connect to whatever is happening is amazing. I am so grateful to have found her!

HB, Vermont


What to say. This woman is the real deal. She's kind, smart, experienced, wise, knowledgeable and skilled. Brooke helped me avoid surgery on my ankle using acupuncture, moxibustion, herbs and a big dose of compassion and presence. Her astrology readings are right on point and she's offered me depth and connection as I've confronted some big, BIG challenges in life: chronic pain, debilitation, grief, heartbreak. So blessed to have her on this journey of life. I'm healing. May you also heal...

PT, California



Brooke's focused, skillful, genuine and intuitive care is a blessing. I was a client of an old Chinese acupuncturist in California for 20 years. I am relieved and grateful to now be under Brooke's devoted care and have experienced healing shifts from the first visit forward.

DB, Vermont


I have seen five acupuncturists over my years. Brooke is the best healer. Her acupuncture is acutely effective, and her knowledge of herbs, Chinese medicine, food as medicine, probiotics, etc. enable her to offer a wider range of services. I began seeing her for skin issues but over our years we have addressed other physical and emotional issues. Now I can say as a whole person I am living my best life.

AW, Vermont


Brooke has supported me through a process of becoming, of finding myself and befriending my inner guidance system. Her skillful listening, tender way of holding space and fiercely effective knowledge and application of a complex and nuanced medicine offer a powerhouse of thousands of years of wisdom administered through tiny tiny needles and the warmest smile.

CS, Vermont


Brooke is a skilled, professional, and nurturing practitioner. I am a massage therapist and yoga teacher and I highly recommend her to my own clients and students. SK, Vermont Words don’t adequately express how lucky I feel to have met Brooke, let alone be treated by her. While she is an individual of exceptional knowledge and skill, her superpower is her enormous heart.

KM, California


Brooke is outstanding in every way- a really genuine caring professional and a highly skilled practitioner. Thanks Brooke, you really made some changes in what was going on with my messed up sleep and brought some peace to my mind. KS, Vermont I just wanted to let you know that I just celebrated my 1-year alcohol free anniversary! I couldn't have done it without your help. Seriously! You have been a critical piece in this journey. You've supported me through your unique understanding of addiction, and with that magic touch of yours, mitigate all that noise. You helped me help myself and I am forever grateful.

KB, Vermont



Brooke is amazing! She creates a warm and comfortable atmosphere. I was very surprised that she knew about me so well from a Chinese Astrology reading when we haven't even met. I would really recommend her to anybody! I wish I lived close to her so she could provide Acupuncture.

RD, Japan


Brooke has been reading my Chinese Astrology for years now and I must admit she has been spot on for every single reading! In the beginning, I was a bit skeptical. Now, I treat myself to one of her readings every year for my birthday. Each year when we talk, I tell her that seriously everything she mentioned in our previous readings did come to fruition. If you are searching to optimize your career, health, relationships, look no further Brooke is the One!

PA, California


I absolutely loved the reading. I have such a sense of relief that my path doesn't need to be forced and that I don't have to figure out my life plan right this second. I'm also just enjoying my work more in general and really feel a deeper peace about my life path. It's really tremendous work, Brooke. Thanks again!

HM, Vermont


Brooke was fantastic at explaining the process of reading an astrology natal/birth chart from the Chinese paradigm of astrology. I walked away with more clarity to who I am according to this model and compassion for the parts of me that I aspire to fully accept and embrace. Brooke is wise beyond her years and passionate about this work. I can't say enough greatness about her as a healer and colleague and will be sharing this service with my own patients to seek her expertise in this realm.

JL, California


C had such a wonderful time today, and she was just beaming on the way home. I have no idea how to thank you enough for being available to her, embracing her, honoring her and celebrating her in such a meaningful and genuine way. I know it made an impression on her heart and soul. Thank you for being there for her and for us.

S, proud mother to her metal dragon/tiger who's overflowing with water 

S&C, California


Thanks so much for the incredibly insightful reading! I really enjoyed this work, communication, and insight. Its such an art and you have a real gift to express it magnificently.

JB, Colorado


I came across Brooke’s webinar where she talked about Chinese astrology. I was really intrigued by what she had to say. After having a session with her I feel like my eyes have been opened to things I only suspected were happening in my life. Now it makes sense. I wish I would have found her years ago. After the session I feel clearer and calmer about the path my life has taken. I now have deep understanding and appreciation of forces that have shaped my life. Invaluable!!!

AS, Ohio



I really like how the class was digestible and how you make the complex content easy to understand to people of Western minds.

AR, Vermont


I liked the connection the class had to all aspects of life. It came full circle every time.

MQ, Vermont


I like how engaging the class was; I enjoyed learning and doing hands-on techniques and practices.

MF, Vermont


You were a great teacher; you made me feel comfortable, you had good energy and a good voice.

RB, Vermont


Thank you so much for everything. You were a lovely professor and an amazing mentor.

SE, Vermont


It was a pleasure to learn from you!

KC, Vermont

Brooke Moen Personalized Medicine
(802) 777-2276

2 Church St

Suite 4I

Burlington, VT 05401


Brooke Moen Personalized Medicine
(802) 777-2276

2 Church St

Suite 4E

Burlington, VT 05401


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