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Herbal Prescription is included in a Telehealth consultation and/or Acupuncture treatment when necessary and desired. Herbs are usually administered in powder form (to mix with warm water and drink between meals) and shipped directly to your home. The Chinese Herbal Pharmacopeia is unsurpassed in history and complexity. Students learn around 400 herbs; taste, temperature, channels entered, function, indication, and contraindication. Then they learn particular formulas for specific diagnoses, that have been shown effective for many hundreds of years. What makes Chinese Herbalism special is differential diagnosis and synergy; the herbs are combined specifically to support your particular physiology, and to enhance the effectiveness of the overall formula. Because of the knowledge utilized and care taken in prescribing, Chinese herbs are very safe and rarely produce side-effects. It is important to discuss all medications and your typical diet for a successful outcome and no adverse interactions.


Pollutants in Chinese Herbs


In the West there is concern and awareness about the toxicity of Chinese Herbs due to pesticide and other contamination in China. This is important; it enhances awareness and pushes growers and exporters to move toward safer practices. This practice only uses herbs and herbal products that are third-party tested and whenever possible, 100% organic. Trusted companies include:

Evergreen and Restorative Formulations. Although Chinese Herbs by definition come from China, Vermont-based supplement companies and locally grown herbs are utilized whenever possible. 

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