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Do you ponder your particular opportunities and obstacles? How much do we choose and not choose? What is universal and what is personal about our experience? A chart reading can offer perspective, insight and affirmation about you, your life, and your relationships. The conversation is consistently revealing, reassuring, deeply satisfying, often profound and even fun!


Sometimes called Ancestral Inheritance, this is actually Cosmology not Astrology, because it is based on cycles of time rather than stars and planets. It is a calculation based on the moment you were born in this time cycle, observed and tracked by Chinese Taoists for over 5,000 years. When we look at our place in this movement we can deeply understand ourselves and our experience. Brooke studied this tradition (called Zhen Wu Astrology or Chinese Cosmology) with Liu Ming in California. This brilliant worldview was fundamental to medicine, government and community in Pre-Revolutionary China for centuries. Chinese Cosmology was the heart of a successful civilization for hundreds of years, particularly during flourishing times of the Imperial Court. 

"My chart reading was life-changing! The experience far exceeded my expectations, and it actually gave me a different perspective on my life. You are such a natural teacher, and that shines through during your reading. Everyone should have their chart read by Brooke. Simply fabulous! Thank you." -AA, Chicago



2023: Year of the Water Rabbit

After such a yang (big) year, we are offered recovery and reflection. Where did we step on our own tail? Down to the depths of who and what is of value is the way through this year of internal intensity and resulting heavy social dynamics. But connection and reciprocity is always available. If we can remember what truly matters, we'll carry that into next year's big pivot.

2022: Year of the Water Tiger

A full-grown tiger is certainly a different animal than a plow ox. This year is a bit of a Tsunami, are you ready? Let out of the cage, we may want to run after every gazelle, but the tiger is not all orange; that black stripe calls us to also pull back. Resting in the tall grass will be important for mitigating impulse and preparing to go down into the depths next year.

2021: Year of the Metal Ox

Though the interpersonal demands and fastidiousness of last year may have us ready to move forward, the Ox plods ahead only by looking back. We understand how to best till our field by asking how we've done it before. Though some may feel impatient, this is the time to stabilize our foundation before the tiger year pounces upon any holes in our integrity. Good to stay the course while the course is clear.

2020: Year of the Metal Rat

After the pig party, it's time to edit. Rats chew together to take down the whole barn. Turns out we are more social than psychological. So what are the strengths and weaknesses of our inevitable interconnection? Metal Rat is a fairly ruthless accountant. Demanding that we finally start to walk our talk, everything else can go. How do we work together, fostering connection to insure survival for all?


2019: Year of the Earth Pig

Now that we understand our relational values a bit better, we can turn to the pig's offer of experiencing our relational nature via our senses. A pig year offers opportunities for enjoyment, or indulgence, and a reflection on what might be the difference. Maybe enjoying our truly generous nature is always available?


2018: Year of the Earth Dog

Fire moves into Earth, so like the harvest at the end of summer, the opportunity for halting the chaos (or at least slowing down) has arrived. Dog brings in loyalty, or tribalism, begging the question; to what and whom is my allegiance? Practicing more wagging less barking, and finding the value of what's personal, are on offer this year.


2017: Year of the Fire Rooster

So now it's time to focus. Fire element continues the drive forward, but rooster says let's bring in some discernment and organization. As the dust settles from last year, best to calm ourselves and keep an eye on the longer-term goals. Belligerence will be available, but so will determination and courage.


2016: Year of the Fire Monkey

After two Wood years (excitement but no fruition yet) everyone is ready for action (Fire=movement). But the monkey is all sleight of hand, the ultimate trickster. So if you can get on board with twists of fate, unpredictability, and making trouble just to find a way out of it, this year can be a fun swing in the trees forward. The gift in the chaos of the unexpected is resulting magic, and the possibility of transformation.


2015: Year of the Wood Goat

Many of us had a fresh start with the Wood element of 2014. But some felt run over by the pace of the horse. This "baby goat" year offers a chance to reflect upon our humanity; what do we value as a community, how can we make the world a more beautiful, harmonious place for all? This year offers a chance to enjoy our creativity, innocence, and the satisfaction of working together to make things better for everyone in the herd!


2014: Year of the Wood Horse

Was that a train that ran right over me the last four years?? Many might be saying this, after two Metal and two Water years full of intense change and the demand of introspection. We start the circle all over again with the Wood Horse; full of excitement, like a baby colt, ready to hobble out the gates on brand new legs. If we can harness and educate this freshness and impulse, this year will serve us well!


2013: Year of the Water Snake

After the enormity of the Water Dragon (2012), we are still faced this year with a certain "enormity" (water), but instead of in-your-face, it is deeply underground. So we are called this year to come back down and in; pause, reflect, be as still as the snake, ready to strike only with extreme precision, only at the right time. Reconsideration can almost always be a safe way to keep from being swallowed whole! So many gifts to cultivate by taking the opportunity to feel the power of "not acting." 

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