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About Us


Brooke Moen  MS, L.Ac, she/her


Brooke Moen has been taking care of people for twenty years through the powerful lineage of Chinese Medicine. She practices remotely and in-person in Burlington, Vermont. Brooke is a Licensed Board-Certified Acupuncturist and Herbalist in California and Vermont, as well as with the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. 

Her education includes a Bachelor of Science in Anthropology, magna cum laude, from the University of Colorado Boulder, and a 4-year Master of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine from American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in San Francisco. She also interned with several Doctors of Chinese Medicine and a Holistic MD, worked in an Herbal Dispensary, has studied Chinese Mantic Arts and Taoism for nearly two decades, and most recently completed a post-graduate 2-year Clinical Integration Program. 

Brooke listens with empathy, asks the right questions, and truly cares about her patients' wellness. She is kind and compassionate . . . and wicked smart! I feel grateful for her guidance and her holistic approach toward healing.
—AC, Vermont 




You can be treated in the comfort of your home by meeting on Zoom. Brooke listens carefully to your concerns, asks questions and looks at your tongue. Together you assess your specific needs, come up with a plan to resolve your symptoms, and gain support for your well-being. This can include herbal medicine (shipped directly to you from a distributor such as Lhasa OMS or Emerson Ecologics), food recommendations, counseling, and lifestyle guidelines such as movement and meditation. 

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Chinese Astrology

Ever wonder about the purpose of your life? Do you ponder your particular opportunities and obstacles? How much do we choose and not choose? What is universal and what is personal about our experience? A chart reading can offer perspective, insight and affirmation about you, your life, and your relationships. The conversation is consistently revealing, reassuring, deeply satisfying, often profound and even fun! 


Acupuncture is the insertion of hair-thin needles into specific points along particular channels to encourage blood flow and induce the body to release endorphins (natural pain-killing chemicals). This circulation regulates the immune system, calms the nervous system, reduces inflammation and mitigates pain, encouraging the body to heal itself. 

Food As Medicine

Modern confusion around food is profound; a Food As Medicine consultation is offered to bring clarity around what to eat and why. Deep nourishment is the foundation. Guidance is always based on Traditional Chinese Medicine nutrition principles such as eating according to season and constitution, and optimizing digestive intelligence.


Herbal Prescription is included in a Telehealth consultation and/or Acupuncture treatment when necessary and desired. Herbs are usually administered in powder form (to mix with warm water and drink between meals) and shipped directly to your home.

Brooke has seen me through a decade of various ailments, from an ankle cyst to chronic hip and back pain from scoliosis. She has helped me tremendously. I’ve also consulted with her for Chinese astrological readings and always deeply appreciate her wisdom and insight. Beyond the physical, she has supported me emotionally, mentally and spiritually. She’s a real gift and I am beyond grateful to be able to connect with her from far away.
—PT, Maryland 



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With Brooke Moen’s support,
experience the heart of true health:
feeling seen and heard, your stress relieved,
your issues clearly addressed. 

Brooke Moen Personalized Medicine
(802) 777-2276

2 Church St

Suite 4I

Burlington, VT 05401


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